Open Day with The University of Law

Open Day with The University of Law
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The University of Law in Sylhet

If you want to learn how the law really influences people and organizations, and how to utilize it in reality, The University of Law should be your first natural choice.

The law degrees in this university are very different from the traditional LLB. They depend on an innovative approach to learning that combines academic rigour with practical legal skills in a business-like environment.

Over 250 of the tutors of this university are qualified lawyer who shares their experience of practice, including internationally, with you and give you all the support you need. The University of Law will help you to find the placements and work experience and guide you towards the career you are looking for. Study on a University of Law degree and you’ll get unparalleled support from both your tutor and our Employability Service team.

Who: The University of Law

Where: AHZ Associates Sylhet Office

When: Monday 2nd July Time: 3 PM - 6 PM

Representative: Siddiq Rahman

This event is free for all students so please book your place now and make the best use of your day with the following activities

  • Know the courses and flexible study option
  • Discuss face-to-face with the University Delegate
  • On-spot eligibility check
Please bring (if available)
  • All Relevant academic certificates and transcripts
  • UKVI IELTS Certificate( if required)
  • Passport
  • CV/ Personal statement

Open Day Registration

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